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Wholesale Connection About Us

As the UK’s best place for wholesalers and retailers to trade online, wholesaleConnections enables hundreds of thousands of people to buy, sell and pay online

wholesaleConnections works with businesses of all sizes to provide solution backed by the power of wholesaleConnections. For example, your business can reach thousands of wholesaleConnections shoppers by selling on the wholesaleConnections Marketplace.

In 2014 we enabled thousands GBP of commerce globally through wholesaleConnections Marketplaces. Thanks to technology, retailers are in the driver’s seat.

About Wholesale Connections

Wholesale Connections is a Manchester based Website / Design consultancy committed to providing excellence in client service.

Wholesale Connections has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison. The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Wholesale Connections.

Wholesale Connections call on a combination of talents, including:

  • Client
  • Web page Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Internet user
  • Member of your target market
  • Lay person who does not have any experience with the internet, to make your site appealing, functional and successful.

Resources and Availability

Other resources of Wholesale Connections include a professionally configured office environment. Multimedia compatible computer hardware, with the latest in software, helps to ensure that the highest quality sites are designed. Close relationship with contractors; enable us to ensure contingency plans are available.

The Team

Wholesale Connections has an experienced team of Project Manager, system Analysts, Database Administrators, Software Engineers and Graphics & Web Designers. The core team possesses multi decades experience in Business Management, Strategy and Planning, Project Planning and Implementation. Our developers and designers also have experience ranging between 2 to 7 years experience in their relevant fields.

Wholesaleconnections.co.uk is part of the world’s largest online marketplace, where practically only selective or allowed customers (Retailers) can buy.  wholesaleConnections connects a diverse and passionate community of wholesalers and retailers with over thousands active users worldwide.