Instagram Tips To Help Wholesalers Of Women's Costumes

Instagram Tips To Help Wholesalers Of Women’s Costumes

For independent wholesalers, social media marketing is an increasingly worthwhile tool. It depends on a wholesale business selecting the right social media channel by keeping in view its target audiences and social media goals. If a small wholesale supplier wants to concentrate on just one social media platform then Instagram continues to serve as a famous and comprehensive option.

Almost all wholesalers can use Instagram to attract new customers and retailers, tell their founding story and brand values, develop a wholesale and retail community, increase sales, partner with influencers and drive traffic to a brick-and-mortar shop or website.

Here, The Online Wholesale Store Wholesale Connection in the UK holds some useful pieces of advice to help both wholesalers and retailers use Instagram to reach new customers to their website and one-stop-shop.

Open Business Account On Instagram

First up, if a wholesaler does not have not a business account on Instagram then he should make his Instagram account is set as a business account. With an Instagram account, a wholesaler can see informative analytics about his followers, information about his working hours, run ads, sell Wholesale Womens Costumes products directly on the platforms and more.

To convert a personal account to a business account, find the setting by simply tab the menu at the top right corner. Click on “Account” and scroll down until a wholesaler view the option “Switch to a professional account”. After selecting the business category, a question will be asked if he is a business or creator. Select “business” and continue to follow the prompts.

Create A fine Profile

A wholesaler’s Instagram profile must tell people why they should visit his website and what makes him unique. Instagram profile allows only 150 characters to write a bio, so it is significant to write the best bio concisely for a wholesaler. To make vital information stand out, a couple of well-chosen emojis and line breaks can be helpful. A wholesaler must include a link to his website in the allocated space or opt to provide several links by a link-in-bio tool.

What Is A Link-In-Bio Tool?

This Instagram tool allows a wholesaler to create a custom landing page that collates all the links that a wholesaler wants to share in one place.

To Attract More Customers Post Regularly

Now, it is time for a wholesale supplier to determine his social media goals, define his target audience and select topics that he is going to post on his Instagram post. Initially, a wholesaler must start his posting by sharing general information about his products or brand, his location, working hours, customer reviews, features of his products and services and answers to FAQs.

When a wholesale supplier’s audience is more active then his Instagram business account allows him to access their insights. By using this information he can inform what day and time he posts on his account. By using third-party tools like Hubspot, Later, Sprout Social etc. A wholesale supplier can also schedule his posts ahead of time.

A wholesale supplier should browse those pages of accounts on which the audience exists as same as his business for ideas to collect the inspiration for topics to post about.

A wholesale store must keep a calender for significant holidays and moments such as Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, New Year’s Eve and Pride Month etc. To post on Instagram pages or stories, additional famous content ideas are:

Behind-The-Scenes Posts

These posts give a tour of a wholesaler’s place, introduce his staff, document a product display, elaborate on his services or how his products are made and provide a view of a day in the life of a small wholesale business owner.


Give information to followers about products, sales, releases, different opening hours during holidays and special events.

Exclusive promotions

A wholesaler offers exclusive deals to his Instagram followers and hosts a giveaway persuading them to comment, like and share to enter.

Hosted takeovers

If someone is agreed to share one’s areas of expertise and experiences relating to the wholesale industry then one can create a series of guest posts either on a wholesaler’s Instagram stories or in his feed, or on Instagram Live to add credibility to his wholesale women’s costume business.

Polls And Surveys

A wholesale supplier can use several ways to ask questions from his followers on Instagram that are very helpful to get feedback from customers and drive traffic to his website or brick-and-mortar shop. For example, start a survey asking followers what they are hoping to see in a wholesale store for the incoming holiday season or what are their favourite products.

Take Advantages From Instagram Posts

There are many ways to get benefits from Instagram posts, like Captions, Hashtags, Geotagging, Highlights, Replying & Responding and Engage Followers By Influencers.


A wholesaler starts with captions that he uses to accompany his followers. The first line is increasingly important because they will either continue to read or keep scrolling. To increase the discoverability of a wholesale store, keywords associated with the wholesale store’s popular products, brand, location and industry should be included in captions. Emojis should be used as bullet points to break up longer content and make it convenient for reading.


A wholesaler should use hashtags in his Instagram posts because hashtags make it easier for followers to find his posts because they can see every post associated with it and search for a hashtag. A wholesaler should avoid excessive hashtags per post and experiment with different hashtags to see what works.


Besides it, a wholesale supplier must geotag his post on Instagram with his physical location because it will help make a relationship between his wholesale business and the society in which he is located. Instagram gathers all geotags from the same location and arranges them with the most recent first and making geotagging a better way to activate the community around his wholesale store.


Finally, a wholesaler can share his most important posts as Instagram Stories and save them as Highlights on his account page. It helps new users to click through FAQs, basic knowledge about his wholesale business and any other vital information when they come to his page.

Engage Followers By Replying And Responding

To increase Instagram followers’ engagement, a wholesaler should instantly and quickly reply to the direct messages of the followers, mentions his wholesale business and respond to comments, and think remain busy with his followers on their feed by liking, and commenting when appropriate. An unengaged audience can quickly go away from a wholesale business sight.

Engage Followers By Influencers

A wholesale store should try partnering with influencers who have large quantity of followers to serve as brand ambassadors for a wholesale store. For this purpose, a wholesale store should opt for those influencers who have a similar audience to its target demographic and is truly excited about its products and wholesale store. Some influencers can promote wholesale products in exchange for gifts and services, while others earn money through promotions.


When an Online Wholesale Store makes a partnership with influencers then influencers are regarded as a vouch for its Instagram followers and become a reason to attract new customers to its wholesale store for shopping Wholesale Womens Fancy Dresses.

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